Libertarian conservatives fail to win seats in Polish parliamentary election

On October 25, 2015 Poland held parliamentary elections. Despite much anticipation among supporters that it would enter parliament, the libertarian conservative Coalition for Renewal of the Republic – Freedom and Hope (Partia KORWiN) narrowly failed to achieve the 5% threshold necessary to win seats in the Polish Sejm, receiving 4.76%, or just over 722,000 votes. The KORWiN party takes hardline libertarian, Austrian School positions on economics while being socially conservative. The party’s leader, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, is a member of the European Parliament and was once hailed by Milton Friedman as Poland’s top representative of freedom and free-market capitalism.

Below the result of the election:

  1. Law and Justice    37.58%
  2. Civic Platform       24.08%
  3. Kukiz ’15                   8.81%
  4. Modern                     7.60%
  5. United Left               7.55%
  6. People’s Party          5.13%
  7. KORWiN Party        4.76%
  8. Together                    3.62%
  9. Others                        0.86%

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