Update on Green Party presidential candidates

From Green Party Watch:

11796216_1002418086465048_1439442244661697614_n.jpg_1718483346Stein says her campaign can be “Plan B” for Sanders supporters

On its website, teleSUR interviews Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein about her campaign.

Stein told teleSUR, “The Democratic Party is not going to allow Bernie Sanders to squeak through, so where would we be if we don’t have a Plan B? When Bernie gets knocked out of contention, there would be no place for people to go if not for our campaign. The difference between our campaign and Bernie’s is that we’re not looking for the Democratic Party to save us. We are establishing an independent base for political resistance where we can continue to grow, because there is no relief on the horizon and we need to get busy right now building the lifeboat we’ll need to rescue ourselves and our children.”

Cherney posts platform for prospective presidential campaign

Darryl Cherney, who is exploring a Green Party presidential candidacy, has shared his platform online and is seeking signatures of support.

Cherney says he has “been an Earth First! organizer and troubadour for 29 years,” and is “a film producer (Who Bombed Judi Bari?, 2012), recording artist, fundraiser, firewood provider, and a manager of affordable housing. … As a registered member of the Green Party since 1990, I held office hold for four years on our local healthcare district from 2006-2010,” and ran for Congress as a Democrat in 1988 “prior to the Green Party being recognized by the state of California.”

Kreml files presidential candidacy documents with FEC

Green Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml has filed his candidacy documents with the Federal Election Commission.

Kreml had said he would file with the FEC once he raised $5,000. Kreml says he “went comfortably over the $5,000 threshold several days ago,” with “one contribution for $2,500.” He will address Wisconsin Greens on Saturday.

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