Washington Free Beacon publishes story about Florida Senate candidate Augustus Invictus

Thanks to Jill Pyeatt from IPR for the link to the following story.

A Sacrificial Goat in Every Pot

Feature: The enigma of Florida Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus

By Matthew Walther, published November 11, 2015

Augustus Sol Invictus first made headlines last month when the Associated Press reported that the Orlando-based attorney seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for the Senate seat held by Marco Rubio had ritually slaughtered a goat. “I did sacrifice a goat,” Invictus told the AP, adding that the avowed act of sorcery was “probably a quibble in the mind of most Americans.”

This is true not least of the American magical community. When I asked the Covenant of the Goddess, one of America’s oldest and most respected pagan bodies, about Invictus, I was directed to the group’s Florida council.

“I am unfamiliar with the person in question or his campaign,” said Gordon Stone, a spokesman for the covenant. Anne Marie of the Florida Pagan Gathering told me that similar rites would not be observed at the group’s celebration of the ancient Celtic harvest festival of Samhain. “I can assure you that there are no animal sacrifices at the Florida Pagan Gathering and that there never will be,” she said.

It’s not just wizards and vegetarians—PETA has also called Invictus’ actions “bloody and cruel”—that are put out. When Adrian Wyllie, the former chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, resigned last month, he put out a statement accusing Invictus, whose full name—not the one on his birth certificate—translates to “great or revered unconquerable sun,” of support for neo-Nazism, civil war, and the phasing out of “the weakest, the least intelligent, and the most diseased.” And in a separatemessage released a few weeks ago, the party condemned Invictus’ Senate platform. “The LPF finds the initiation of violence through his call for civil war and state-sponsored murder abhorrent. These platform issues are diametrically opposed to the principles of the LPF.” The party’s current leadership is not happy with him either. “I believe that Invictus’ campaign has no future hope of association with the [party], let alone assistance in any form,” Char-Lez Braden, the new chairman, told me.

Read the rest of the article here.


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