Georgia Libertarian Party candidate in two runoff elections on December 1

From Posted on Nov 24, 2015

Chris Coughlin
Chris Coughlin

In a rare circumstance for any candidate, Chris Coughlin of the Georgia LP is on the ballot for two runoff elections, on the same day.

Mr. Coughlin is running for a full term on the Johns Creek City Council, as well as an abbreviated term to fill the current vacancy on the council. The abbreviated term lasts only until the end of December, and then the next term begins.

In Georgia, any election, whether partisan or non-partisan, in which no candidate received a majority of the votes goes to a runoff four weeks later between the top-two voter-getters. He finished second in the elections for the abbreviated and full terms, making him eligible for both runoff races.

His opponent in the race for the full term has spent over $77,000, whereas Mr. Coughlin only spent $3,000 for the two races prior to the general election three weeks ago.

He is employed as a Senior Research Scientist at CEB, a best practices and technology advisory company.

Click here to view his campaign Facebook page.

Click here to read an article on Mr. Coughlin on the Georgia LP website.


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