Libertarian Party: ‘A question to ponder over Thanksgiving holiday’

Email from Carla Howell to LP national email list:

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

Are you fed up with Big Government?

Are you worried about the future of our country?

Unless Libertarians have a place on the stage of politics, no one will challenge the Big Government status quo in your state. Do you want this?

Have you considered that the next one to take that place on the stage — is you?

Maybe you never pictured yourself running for office. But other Libertarians may see you as a quality candidate.

This Thanksgiving, while you’re gathering with friends and family, traveling, or just hanging out at home, here’s a question to ponder:

Is 2016 the year for me to run for office as a Libertarian?

Why do many concerned voters stay home on Election Day? Because they have no one on the ballot who represents their libertarian-leaning, small government ideas.

Libertarian campaigns are the #1 way that Americans hear our libertarian ideas.

Libertarian campaigns drive media coverage for our ideas. They put us on the stage.

Running for office does not have to be time consuming. You can put minimal time and effort into a campaign, run a more engaged and active campaign, or go all-out and run a serious campaign that reaches hundreds of thousands of voters, for high-level campaigns, or that has a better shot at winning a local race.

In many states, there’s no cost to run for office. In others, you need to raise a modest sum to cover filing or petitioning costs. The LP can show you how this is done.

Or if you get the bug, you can go big. Or anything in between. Your choice.

You don’t have to be a silver-tongued public speaker to run for office. And if you chose to run an active, visible campaign, you can get the training. The National LP will help to train you in messaging and supply talking points on common issues. Your state LP may help as well.

Many Libertarians who have run for office consider it to be one of the most important things they ever did. Something that really made a difference.

Do you want to tell your kids, nieces, nephews, or grand kids some day that you took the stage for liberty?

To explore whether running for office in 2016 – or in the future – might be right for you, click here. You’ll get an email with the information you need to consider this choice.

In some states, the deadline to file is coming soon:

  • December 14 Texas
  • December 21 North Carolina
  • January 8 Mississippi
  • February 3 Maryland
  • March 1 Alabama and Nebraska

In Arkansas, the deadline has passed, but a lawsuit may make later filings possible.

Even if your state’s deadline isn’t soon, starting a campaign earlier is better. It gives you a jump and gets your name and your Libertarian ideas out there sooner than later for voters to hear.

So think it over this holiday and see if you can carve out a small – or large – or medium-sized slice of your time in the next year to run for office as a Libertarian.

As Big Government grows apace, the longing for freedom grows in the hearts of millions of Americans. They want and need your voice.

Will you give it to them?

Yours in liberty,

Carla Howell
Political Director
Libertarian National Committee

Click here now to learn more about running for office in your state.


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