Virgil Goode, 2012 Constitution Party Presidential Nominee, Joins Donald Trump Campaign

Virgil Goode

Independent Political Report

Ballot Access News reports:

Former Congressman Virgil Goode, who was the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee in 2012, has become a campaign official in Donald Trump’s campaign in Virginia. See this story.

Goode is still presently a member of the Constitution Party National Committee as well*.

Trump is currently the candidate leading in the polls for the Republican nomination for President, but continues to float the possibility that he may switch to run as an independent for the same office if he concludes that Republican Party leaders don’t treat his campaign fairly. Trump briefly sought the Reform Party Presidential nomination in 2000 and has been registered to vote as a Democrat, Republican and Independent. His top campaign issue is rounding up and deporting an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants and building a massive wall on the US-Mexico border, which he believes will make America great again. In the most recent Republican Presidential debate, Mr. Trump looked back with fondness to the Eisenhower administration’s Operation Wetback, although he did not call it by name…

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*Author’s note: while in this previous post here it was claimed, via private email and through a few individual posted comments -that Virgil Goode had already resigned from the Constitution Party’s Executive Committee in October; as by the time of this repost, we have yet to see any official confirmation (via released minutes/notes from the National CP’s recent Executive or National Committees meetings, or even public communications from the CP itself), concerning Goode’s resignation. In fact, Goode’s departure from the Executive Committee was not made public until after this IPR piece above was published.

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