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American Freedom Party: Five Devastating Facts About Black Crime

American Freedom Party Seal

From the American Freedom Party website: posted November 30, 2015

Writer Jerome Hudson observes that the mainstream American media is, again, happily hitting the #BlackLivesMatter crack pipe in its pernicious pursuit of high ratings. These blood-lusting junkies were nowhere to be found when, with haunting predictability, Chicago news headline after headline detailed the carnage that has consumed dozens of communities in that city where black men kill each other with terrifying regularity. Continue reading

Georiga LP candidate wins runoff election

From Lp.org: Posted on Dec 2, 2015

Chris Coughlin
Chris Coughlin

Chris Coughlin of the Georgia Libertarian Party won one of his two runoff elections yesterday, getting elected to an abbreviated term on the Johns Creek City Council. Continue reading

Dr. Feldman Comments at Irregular Times, Gets Called a Terrorist

On the Irregular Times article “Is America Not Safe?” by Peregrin Wood,  Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, disputed the premise of the article that the United States is perfectly safe.  Feldman argued: Continue reading