Daily Archives: December 3, 2015

Gloria La Riva: Venezuela elections, a battle to defend Revolution

Gloria La Riva

Posted on the website for the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s (PSL’s) newspaper, Liberation News, on November 30th. Gloria La Riva is the 2016 PSL presidential nominee. was the 2008 PSL presidential candidate and is again the party’s nominee in the 2016 presidential election.  Continue reading

Austin Petersen Hires Rachel Mills as Campaign Press Director

Posted to the Independent Political Report, December 3, 2015:

Press release from the Petersen campaign:

The Austin Petersen presidential campaign is excited to announce that top political adviser and former key Ron Paul staffer, Rachel Mills has joined the team as press director. Continue reading

Green Party is Only Party to Have a Contested Primary in Illinois 5th U.S. House District

From Ballot Access News, posted November 30, 2015

The Green Party is not ballot-qualified for statewide office in Illinois, but it is ballot-qualified in two U.S. House districts. Illinois is one of the few states in which a party that is not qualified statewide can be qualified in just part of the state. In Illinois, all qualified parties nominate by primary. Continue reading