Gloria La Riva: Venezuela elections, a battle to defend Revolution

Gloria La Riva

Posted on the website for the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s (PSL’s) newspaper, Liberation News, on November 30th. Gloria La Riva is the 2016 PSL presidential nominee. was the 2008 PSL presidential candidate and is again the party’s nominee in the 2016 presidential election. 

Venezuela’s upcoming Dec. 6 elections for all 167 National Assembly seats could be critical for the future of the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Bolivarian Revolution is the process launched by Hugo Chávez in 1999. It includes great economic and social gains, a progressive Constitution and legislation, national control of Venezuela’s enormous oil reserves, and a declared goal of building socialism.

Threatening these gains and aims is an intensifying economic and political war waged by the right-wing opposition and the U.S. government in the lead-up to the elections. The campaign of aggression shows no signs of easing after Dec. 6.

The right-wing politicians—part of Venezuela’s capitalist class—hope to derail the revolutionary government by winning a majority of seats in the National Assembly.

Ominous detailed plans by the opposition to dismantle revolutionary laws and institutions were published in El Nacional, on Nov. 23, one of the main opposition newspapers.

A “non-governmental organization” called “Un Estado de Derecho,” made up of right-wing lawyers, has prepared a 40-page analysis in which it claims how the “rule of law” can be reinstated, if the opposition wins just 50 percent plus one seat. It is a blueprint describing a takeover of the Supreme Court, Attorney General, Public Defender and General Comptroller and reorganizing the Citizen and Electoral powers of the Constitution.

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3 thoughts on “Gloria La Riva: Venezuela elections, a battle to defend Revolution

  1. Defend “Revolution”?

    You mean defend a totalitarian system that has lead a country to the verge of complete economic & social ruin which also uses violent, FASCIST tactics against political opponents and critics of the government, including imprisoning them on false charges and even sending gang-bangers to shoot up candidates opposed to such a regime?

    That isn’t revolution, it’s left-wing fascism and orwellian bile.

    Fuck you Gloria.


  2. As of 10 pm PST, looks like the true forces of freedom have defeated the Red forces of totalitarianism as the people of Venezuela have dumped left-wing fascism.

    Again, fuck you Gloria.


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