Green Party is Only Party to Have a Contested Primary in Illinois 5th U.S. House District

From Ballot Access News, posted November 30, 2015

The Green Party is not ballot-qualified for statewide office in Illinois, but it is ballot-qualified in two U.S. House districts. Illinois is one of the few states in which a party that is not qualified statewide can be qualified in just part of the state. In Illinois, all qualified parties nominate by primary.

Both Green Party U.S. House districts have multiple candidates. In the 5th district in Chicago’s north side, the three Greens running are Rob Sherman, Warren Grimsley, and Richard Mayers. By contrast, only one candidate filed in the Democratic primary: the incumbent, Mike Quigley. No one filed in the Republican primary.

In the 12th district in the southern part of the state, the two candidates who filed in the Green primary are Paula Bradshaw and Sadona Folkner.

The deadline for anyone to file a primary petition challenge is Monday, December 7. So far no petition challenges have been filed in either Green Party primary. Mayers has political views that are not consistent with the Green Party.

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