IPR: Gary Johnson likely to decide about 2016 run in the next week or two with a likely announcement in January

Posted by Paulie on IPR on December 6, 2015:
According to a source who asked not to be named who is close to Gary Johnson, he is likely to make his final decision about running for POTUS again in 2016 “within the next week or two” with an official announcement of his decision in January. Johnson is wrapping up some business obligations and has said repeatedly and publicly that he expects that he will decide to go ahead and run unless some unforeseen catastrophe happens. The January timeframe was discussed on a call with multiple people Thursday night, but I had to clarify whether I was cleared to discuss it outside the call before publishing this.

Previously, concerns about the amount of media attention Johnson could get before the duopoly herd thins out were cited as reasons for delaying any announcement regarding a decision about running again, but at this point the only thing that was being cited was “wrapping up business obligations.”

Click here to read comments from IPR readers regarding the possibility of Johnson once again seeking the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.


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