Updates on Green Party presidential candidates Jill Stein, Bill Kreml and Darryl Cherney

From Green Party Watch:

Stein discusses women in politics on RT, addresses San Bernadino shootings

steinrtGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein appeared on Tuesday evening‘s edition of RT’s “Watching the Hawks” to discuss how women are scrutinized and objectified in American politics. The interview starts about 14 minutes into the program.

Stein also commented this weekend on the San Bernardino shootings and called for a new approach to combating terrorism. She said, “This despicable assault, following so closely on the shooting at the Planned Parenthood office, must lead us to redouble our efforts to put the world on a path of nonviolence even as we try to intercept those planning to commit such heinous crimes. As we grieve for the latest victims and their families, we must resist the demagoguery that would turn grief into vengeance and expand the catastrophic war on terror. We must likewise resist the deplorable expressions of xenophobia and stand up for the civil rights and civil liberties of Muslims who are in no way implicated in the crimes of ISIS.”

Kreml addresses Mountain Party of West Virginia 

kremlGreen Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml recently addressed the Mountain Party of West Virginia, the state’s Green Party affiliate, and called them “an awesome group of people.”

Writing on Facebook, Kreml said, “The political reality that the state of West Virginia has to deal with is overwhelming. But twenty very capable and very dedicated people, each with their own committee and their own assignment, showed what a third party can do when the two corporate parties have sold out their people.”

Kreml said West Virginia is the seventh state where he has addressed Greens in his campaign.

Cherney supports lowering voting age to 16

about_Darryl_Cherney_lgDarryl Cherney, who is exploring a run for the 2016 Green Party presidential nomination, said via Facebook that he supports lowering the voting age to 16.

Cherney made the comment in response to an effort underway in the District of Columbia to lower the voting age there to 16. Several other cities are also considering lowering the voting age.

Cherney has said he will decide on a campaign in January

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