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Darrell Castle: The Wrong Side of History

Darrell Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate and former national vice-chairman. He is considering running for the party’s presidential nomination in 2016. Castle has a regular podcast called The Castle Report that he does on current events and politics.His most recent podcast, from his website, dated December 11th:

Darrell Castle talks about President Obama’s speech on terrorism and the San Bernardino attack and he argues that the President is wrong about which side of History we are on

Atheist and agnostic option leading in Lp.org poll of Libertarians’ religious preferences

Libertarian Party

For a while now, the Libertarian Party’s website, Lp.org, has had an online poll asking Libertarians what there religion is. There have been 22,749 votes cast so far. The exact wording of the question:

I consider myself to be a Libertarian politically and the word that best describes my religion is

As of today, the results are: Continue reading