Atheist and agnostic option leading in poll of Libertarians’ religious preferences

Libertarian Party

For a while now, the Libertarian Party’s website,, has had an online poll asking Libertarians what there religion is. There have been 22,749 votes cast so far. The exact wording of the question:

I consider myself to be a Libertarian politically and the word that best describes my religion is

As of today, the results are:

None (including Agnostic and Atheist)  39%
Other Christian                                              23%
Catholic                                                             11%
Baptist                                                                6%
Other Non-Christian Religion                    5%
Methodist                                                          3%
Lutheran                                                            3%
Mormon                                                             3%
Don’t Know/ Decline to respond                3%
Jewish                                                                  2%
Eastern Religions                                             2%
Muslim                                                                 1%

4 responses to “Atheist and agnostic option leading in poll of Libertarians’ religious preferences

  1. 1. I’d be interested in finding out how many of those lumped into the “none” category are “true agnostics” I suspect that most of these folks are either atheists who, for various reasons , are still hiding in the “closet”. The social climate for self-declared ‘atheists’ today, is similar to that of the GLBTs a few years ago.
    Come on out folks, you have nothing to lose but your ‘guilt/fear’!

    2. Also, just out of curiousity, I’d like to know which ‘demonination’ those 23% who opted for “other Christian’ denominations identify with.
    I would think that “Catholic”, “Baptist”, “Methodist’, “Lutheran” and “Mormon” would pretty much exhaust devotees of Christianity.



  2. If you lump all the Christians together Christianity leads all with 49%.


  3. > “Yeah, because being criticized from both sides, is so much better. You can shove your nonsense.”

    Then, the question is why are you frearful of criticism? BTW, I’d be glad to shove it, but your head is allready there! :>]


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