Oppostion News Creates 2016 candidate listing

December 13, 2015

Opposition News creates 2016 Candidate Listing

By Mark Wachtler

December 13, 2015. (ONN). In the ongoing effort to break through the US news media blackout of independent and alternative party candidates, Opposition News has launched a Candidates Page for 2016. Voters and media outlets now have a reputable source to provide a listing of ALL the candidates running for office, not just the Democrats and Republicans. In fact, you won’t find a single candidate from either of those two establishment parties on this list – it only includes independents and third parties.

See a full list of 2016 election candidates from America’s 13 largest opposition political parties at the Opposition News Candidates Page.



Candidate listing

‘Independents and Opposition/Third Party Candidates Only,’ the Opposition News Candidates Pageproclaims, ‘No Democrats or Republicans – they have their own media outlets.’ What the publisher is referencing is the fact that nearly all corporate-owned news outlets in the US, aka the mainstream media, only include nominees from the two establishment political parties in their voter guides and candidate lists.

Read the rest of the article here.


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