Prohibition Party Ballot Access Success

After being ballot qualified in 3 states or less in every presidential election since 2000, the Prohibition Party is making amazing strides in the 2016 cycle. The presidential ticket headed by James Hedges is already qualified in Arkansas and has filed, or is ready to file, in Colorado and New Jersey. In addition, the ticket is in the process of filing in Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Assuming the Prohibition Party gains ballot status in all eight states listed above, it will represent the party’s best qualification effort since 1980. The Prohibition Party is exploring the feasibility of pushing for ballot access in several other states as well.

One response to “Prohibition Party Ballot Access Success

  1. Mississippi is officially certified. See

    NJ has been filed but there is an issue with the electors. See

    The official NJ instructions are at You’ll note it says nothing about electors not having past felonies (much less misdemeanors), moving to a new address since they registered, or even being registered voters. They only have to be eligible to register to vote which includes not currently on parole (probation is OK). All of the electors showed their drivers licenses or state IDs to the notary as well as their voter registration cards and all claimed to have voted in the last election. However the state now is asking for copies of their IDs, and no copies were made so the only contact info for them is their home addresses which may or may not be current. If the electors are not found to be eligible the petition would have to be done again. Luckily it’s only 800 valid sig petition so it’s doable, but that would still suck.

    A deposit has been made for Iowa so that will be done shortly.


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