Illinois: Candidate vows to run as independent if kicked off GOP ballot

David Earl Williams III, a Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district, said the following on Facebook on December 25th:

Since the Illinois GOP establishment is trying to remove me from the ballot – I will run as an Independent.

The media gets it, and day by day the People of the 9th do too.

In that post was a link to a very brief stub from the Daily Herald:

David Earl Williams III, a Republican candidate for the 9th Congressional District seat whose petitions have been challenged, said Friday he will run as an independent if the Cook County Board of Elections removes him from the March primary ballot.

Williams, a Navy veteran from Chicago, lost the 2014 Republican primary to Susanne Atanus (he receieved 14,148 votes or 47.6%-KL), whom party leaders distanced themselves from because of her controversial views. Williams and Atanus filed again to run in 2016, along with Joan McCarthy Lasonde of Wilmette, who has the backing of Cook County Republican leaders.

Challenges have been filed against both Williams and Atanus, and rulings are likely next week. Williams said on Friday he plans to run against Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky in November 2016 either way, as an independent or a Republican.

Note: I was for a while a part of Williams’ 2014 campaign. He said that he voted for Gary Johnson for president in 2012 and I attended a Libertarian Party of Chicago meeting with him.

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