Former Republican David Earl Williams III officially announces independent candidacy for Illinois’ 9th congressional district

Yesterday, ATPR reported that David Earl Williams III, a 2014 failed Republican primary candidate for Illinois’ 9th congressional district (he received 47.6% of the vote against a candidate who was later disavowed by the GOP for her controversial views) and (as of yesterday) current Republican candidate for the 2016 primary nomination, announced that he would run as an independent if kicked off the GOP primary ballot. Today, Williams III posted the following on his Facebook page:

As of today, I am announcing my run as an Independent for the 9th Congressional district.

The GOP establishment in Illinois 9th have failed time after time to get it right.

They purposely choose to lose expecting the voter base to shut up and accept it.

I ask those of you who are tired of being disappointed by the two party system; to join me in the fight to preserve our Constitutional freedoms.

Running for public office was never intended to appease political parties and their bosses, or be used as a means to get rich quick.

It was meant to represent the Will and Voices of the People!

If elected, my special interest won’t be lobbyists in DC, or the bankers on Wall Street – but, you, my constituents.

For a better 9th!

Accompanied with the post was a link to the following press release:

An Independent Choice in the 9th District

Dear Fellow American, 

I can truly say I’m humbled and appreciative of the people who have helped me out during the petition challenge period.

While the Illinois GOP establishment desperately pulled all the tricks in the book to have me barely removed from the ballot – my fight is not quite over yet.

Some of you may also be angry about the unfairness of the Illinois election board ruling, even after we collected a sufficient amount of affidavits to counter their claims of “not genuine” signatures.

Yes the Illinois election board claimed that my family members and friends were “not real people”. This is a slap in the face of those who sacrificed their personal time to circulate my nominating petitions; especially those from the Jewish community and their congregations.

The fact is, when you’re a U.S. Navy Veteran, the first and only Black Conservative to run in Illinois 9th, who stands on principle and remains dedicated to preserving the U.S. Constitution – you’re athreat to the status quo.

I’m pleased to say that’s an honor, because I’m not property of any person or political party.

We have the Illinois GOP establishment who openly admit in news articles that they’re grooming chosen candidates to lose to Democratic incumbents out of some delusional hope that they’ll someday win those particular races.

66 years of losing in Illinois 9th to Democrats really has taken a toll on their psyche.

You even have Cook County Republican Chairman, Aaron Del Mar taking pictures with Democratic Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton.

Or, how the Illinois GOP and their big donors gave Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel $500,000 during his re-election bid against Chuy Garcia.

The same Rahm Emanuel who attempted to cover up the shooting and death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald at the hands of the Chicago Police Department.

As the adage goes, “politics makes strange bedfellows.”

It’s offensive and a mockery to the American voter(s) intelligence by wasting their time, effort and money just to put on a show.

When I enlisted in the U.S. Navy, I was taught to defend the innocent and defeatthose who are a threat to our Constitutional Republic and Representative Democracy.

As a U.S. Navy Veteran, I won’t stand by as honest and hardworking Americans are being taken advantage of as fools and tools by these plutocrats.

In keeping my promise and with overwhelming bipartisan support, I am announcing my run as an Independent for the 9th Congressional district.

A majority of Democrats and Republicans have sold out America through outsourcing of jobs, expanding Corporate welfare, failure to balance our budget and adding onto our national debt putting the burden on future generations!

Enough is enough!

I’m here, I’m standing, and will proudly serve my People of the 9th – no matter the trials and tribulations.

Nothing comes easy for those who are willing to fight for Constitutional freedom and maintaining it.

I hope those of you reading this will join with me in the fight to do just that?

My pleasure as always, and more fun to come 🙂

For A Better 9th!


David Earl Williams III


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