Freedom Socialist Party: Identity politics and free Nestora Salgado

From the Freedom Socialist Party website:

Identity politics: dead end for student activism

Miriam Padilla
December 2015

Miriam Padilla

After being denied the truth about our history in early schooling and fed lies about the causes of racism in the United States, people of color care deeply about learning their history in college. As a first-generation student and woman of color, I know how oppression on campus directly hits new students. Tuition is huge, financial aid scarce, classes not that relevant to what’s happening in our lives. Our campuses are predominantly white. Living proof that higher education under capitalism is as infected with inequality and bigotry as life off-campus.

Most freshman of color rush to join a club where they think they best fit in — from the Black Student Union, to Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán (MEChA).These main student-of-color groups have branches nationwide. They could be vitally important for progressive organizing, on campus and off. Autonomous organizing groups demanding social justice are great, so long as they also come together in united fronts to take on the same oppressive system. But the divisiveness that I have seen on campus has been one of my most disappointing experiences in college.

Keep pressure up to free Nestora Salgado

Megan Cornish
December 2015

As the third year of Nestora Salgado’s unjust imprisonment begins, her supporters continue to organize in Mexico, the USA and internationally for her release. Salgado, a U.S. citizen, was jailed in Mexico in 2013 on manufactured kidnapping charges. It was a political attack on the indigenous community police of Guerrero state. She headed the Olinalá local body.

Call for unity to free all political prisoners. On October 7, Salgado issued a statement calling for the release of Dr. José Manuel Mireles and other members of self-defense forces in the state of Michoacán; the 12 community police of Guerrero, including Arturo Campos and Gonzalo Molina; 25 people detained at once in Oaxaca; and scores of political prisoners in Puebla.

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