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Libertarian Party of Nevada: All about Goldfield

Article by David Colborne, posted January 29th, 2016 on the LP Nevada website:

Why did we hold an event in Goldfield?

Earlier this month, the Libertarian Party of Nevada hosted an event in Goldfield, the capital of Esmeralda County. Most people in Nevada, if they know of Goldfield at all, know of it as a speed trap with old, seemingly decrepit buildings between Reno and Las Vegas, where the road suddenly makes a sharp 90-degree turn and the speed limit drops to 25. Then you make the turn, go a little further, the speed limit goes back up to 70, and you continue on your way. Continue reading

Austin Petersen interviewed by TruthInMedia

Austin Petersen, a candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential nomination, was interviewed on January 27 by Joshua Cook of the website (

Peace and Freedom Party: Popularity of Socialism Revealed as Sanders Moves Ahead in the Polls

Peace and Freedom Party Logo

By Roger D. Harris (Peace and Freedom Party website)

Posted on January 28, 2016 by the Communications Committee

This article is the sixth to appear in The Sanders Campaign: A Symposium. Continue reading

Libertarian Party of Washington chairman endorses top-two primary

C. Michael Pickens (left) with 2012 Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray

From, January 29th, 2016: Continue reading

Austin Petersen challenges Gary Johnson to a debate

Austin Petersen

Today, Austin Petersen, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, challenged fellow LP presidential contender, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, to a debate. The video is below: Continue reading

Darryl W. Perry responds to Libertarian Skeptics Network questionnaire


Darryl W. Perry

On January 28th, ATPR reported that Steve Kerbel and John McAfee had responded to questionnaire from the Libertarian Skeptics Network, a Libertarian Party advocacy group. On January 29th, anarchist writer and radio host Darryl W. Perry, another contender for the LP’s presidential nomination, released his official response to the questionnaire. The following is taken from a comment on IPR: Continue reading