Freedom Gulch interviews Libertarian presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry

From IPR, January 4, 2015:

12112402_10208281425417527_1830128115976412890_nThis article originally appeared on Freedom Gulch here.

I’d like to welcome Darryl Perry to the Gulch! Darryl is an award winning author, publisher, and radio/TV host. He is a regular contributor to several weekly and monthly newspapers. He hosts the daily newscast FPPRadioNews, the podcast Peace, Love, Liberty Radio, the weekly news podcast FPP Freedom Minute, and is a regular co-host on Free Talk Live. Darryl is a co-founder and co-chair of the NH Liberty Party, and was on the National Committee of the Boston Tea Party from 2008-2012. He was the longest serving member of the National Committee, and was twice elected Chair. The BTP dissolved in July 2012 after Perry resigned as Chair. Darryl is the Owner/Managing Editor of Free Press Publications, a business he started in June 2009 with the purpose of ensuring a free press for the freedom movement. Since then, FPP has republished several libertarian/anarch classics as well as new books, both fiction and non-fiction, many of which have won awards and other recognition.

How and when did you become a libertarian?

I first heard about the Libertarian Party in 1999 while working as a traffic reporter for a news talk radio station that aired the Neal Boortz Show (When Boortz was still a libertarian). From there I found the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, scored on the border between libertarian and conservative (70/90, I believe). I go into detail in my latest book A Rebel’s Journey: My Path to Liberty.

What does being a libertarian mean to you? How would you describe your libertarian principles?

I believe libertarian principles can best be described as: no person or group has more rights than any other person or group, and no person can delegate a right they don’t possess. For instance, I do not have the right to steal your car. Thus, no group – regardless of size – has a right to steal your car; though groups known as government claim such an illegitimate right.What does the Non-Aggression Principle mean to you? Do you believe it to be the foundation of libertarianism? Do you believe your rights are natural, from nature or a higher power, or do you believe rights come from government?

Read the rest of the interview here.



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