Maine Greens open primaries to unaffiliated voters

From Green Party Watch, January 7th:

maineWABI-TV Bangor reports online and on the air that the Maine Green Independent Party “is hoping to attract more voters to its primaries this year.” On Wednesday, Maine Green leaders notified the state “that the party is now letting unaffiliated voters take part in the primary process. The change was approved at the Green Party’s state convention last year.”

Co-Chair Gil Harris said, “The majority of voters are either unenrolled or independent, not only in Maine but across the country. There are many people that are dissatisfied with both of the two corporate-run parties and what we want to do is give people the opportunity to get involved in the electoral process that they may not have now if they’re unenrolled.”

Note: The Maine Green Independent Party is the oldest state Green Party in the U.S. and one of the largest in the country by percentage of voters affiliated with it. From 1994 to 2006, the party received between 6.39% and 9.56% of the vote in gubernatorial races, and in 2012, Green presidential candidate Jill Stein’s showing of 1.14% was her best result by percentage of any state. – KL

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