Jill Stein profiled by hometown newspaper

Green Party Watch:

steinThe Massachusetts newspaper The Lexington Minuteman, in the hometown of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, interviews and profiles Stein, writes that Stein believes the Green Party “brings a different perspective to the 2016 presidential elections. This, she believes, gives her a fighting chance.”

Stein said, “The elephant in the room today is that we need a political party that is capable of standing up for everyday people and our urgent needs for good jobs, living wages, health care, education, human rights, and a security policy that makes us more secure, not less secure, and stops making us bankrupt at home.”

The newspaper says Stein became a Lexington Town Meeting member “in the mid-2000s to participate in the ‘very meaningful work” done by the legislative arm of the town’s government. During her tenure, she said, Lexington was able to fight an attempt by state officials to change and fast-track the land auction process, known as Outside 548, which allowed the state to sell municipal lands without a town’s input.”

An excerpt:

Stein began her work in public affairs as a physician in a college health clinic. Concerned with the prevalence of asthma, diabetes, cancer and obesity in young people, Stein was inspired to find the causes of these problems.

“I was becoming aware of how our environmental policies were contributing to child health problems,” Stein said. “We were having success as coalitions of communities, public health and environmental advocacy groups, and child health groups.”

While living in Lexington, Stein served as a doctor advocate for several communities including Lexington, as part of that process she helped to pass a moratorium on new garbage incinerators.

Read the full article here.

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