List of nationally organized third party state legislators, past to present

A business card urging people to vote third party

January 8, 2016: Today, Nevada state assemblyman John Moore joined the Libertarian Party. In doing so, he became the 12th Libertarian Party state legislator in the party’s 44 year history. A list compiled by this writer of third party state legislators from the current “big three” third parties (with the state each was from listed in postal abbreviation), past to present, is below:

Libertarian Party (12)

Dick Randolph  (1978-1982) 1st Libertarian elected to partisan office  AK

Ken Fanning (1980-1982) AK

Andre Marrou (1985-1987) AK

Cal Warburton ( July 16, 1991-1994) 1st legislator to switch to Lib party  NH

Finlay Rothaus (1991-1994) switched to LP also  NH

Andy Borsa (1992-1994)  NH

Don Gorman (1992-1996)  NH

Jim McClarin (1994-1996)   NH

Neil Randall (1998-2000) VT

Steve Vaillancourt (2000) NH

Daniel P. Gordon (September 2011-2013) RI

John Moore (January 8, 2016 to present) NV

Green Party (5)

Audie Bock (1999) switched to independent 7 months after election CA

Matt Ahearn (January 2003-2004) NJ

John Eder (2003-2007) ME

Richard Carroll (2011) elected but switched to Dem in April AR

Fred Smith (2013-2014)  AR

Constitution Party (1)

Rick Jore (2007-2009) MT

Note from Richard Winger on an IPR thread: Steve Gunn, who was elected on November 16, 1991. Because the Libertarian Party was not ballot-qualified then, he was not allowed to have “Libertarian” on the ballot. The state considered him an independent and thus gave him no ballot label at all. He was a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party when he was elected. But he had changed his registration from “Libertarian” to “independent” just prior to filing as a candidate in 1991, so his is a somewhat ambiguous case.

One response to “List of nationally organized third party state legislators, past to present

  1. What about all the senators and representatives from Vermont that label themselves Progressive Party? That is a long list by itself. From Anthony Pollina, Zuckerman, Mollie Burke, etc from around 1981-today. Plus two Working Family Party people were voted in. One in New York other in Connecticut. It’s true they both then joined the hack dEms.


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