Two to face off in Green U.S. House primary in Illinois Fifth District

Green Party Watch:

illinoisThe Chicago Tribune reports that two candidates, Warren Grimsley and Rob Sherman, will face off in a Green Party primary in the Illinois Fifth District U.S. House race on March 15. A third candidate, Richard Mayers, was removed from the ballot after a challenge by the Grimsley campaign.

Ken Menzel, general counsel for the Illinois State Board of Elections, “said the objection to Mayers was upheld because he is not a registered voter, which makes him ineligible as a candidate for any party.” Mayers, a white supremacist with a criminal record, has been a frequent candidate for office in Illinois.

Note: The filing deadline for major parties in Illinois was November 30, 2015, and there is no Republican running in this race, meaning whichever Green Party candidate wins the March 15th primary will almost assuredly surpass Nancy Wade’s 6.14% showing in a three-way race in 2014. The only other U.S. House district race in Illinois with Green Party candidates is District 12, with Paula Bradshaw and Sadona Folkner running in the party’s primary. Bradshaw received 5.65% of the vote in 2014. -KL

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