Four Libertarian presidential candidates now have Wikipedia pages about them

Marc Allan Feldman (20277052616) (cropped).jpg

Marc Allan Feldman (Wikipedia photo)

On January 7th, a Wikipedia entry for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Marc Allan Feldman was created. This brings the total number of Libertarian presidential candidates with Wikipedia pages about them up to four: besides Feldman, Gary Johnson, John McAfee, and Austin Petersen each have a separate Wikipedia entry.

By comparison, two Green Party presidential candidates, Darryl Cherney and Jill Stein, have Wikipedia pages. None of the announced Constitution Party presidential candidates have one. Some other minor party candidates, like Prohibition Party nominee James Hedges, also have entries/

From Wikipedia, about Feldman:

Marc Allan Feldman (born October 10, 1959) is an American physician, political commentator, and activist. Feldman is a candidate for the 2016 presidential election for the Libertarian Party.

Early life and education[edit]

Feldman was born on October 10, 1959 in Washington, D.C.. He grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. Feldman graduated from high school in 1977, and then went on to get his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy atNorthwestern University in 1980 Phi Beta Kappa.[1] From there he went on to get his M.D. degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1984. Feldman furthered his education in 1993 by earning a degree in Health Finance and Management also from Johns Hopkins University.[2] After earning that degree he became a Life Member of the Delta Omega honor society in Public Health.[3]


Feldman is a practicing physician. After graduating from Johns Hopkins, he did a year of residency there followed by a fellowship in neurosurgical anesthesia and neurological intensive care. After that he was appointed director of anesthesiology for the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins from 1989 to 1998. While at Johns Hopkins he was the lead anesthesiologist on the Study of Medical Testing for Cataract Surgery, a multi-center study of 19,000 surgical procedures published in the New England Journal of Medicine.[4] He has been employed at the Cleveland Clinic since August 1998.[5] He is also the owner of a small business called Openivo, Inc.[6] Feldman has also served as the president of the Ophthalmic Anesthesia Society.[7]


Feldman once self-identified as a well-informed and engaged non-voter. He never registered to vote until the age of 50, when he took a active interest in the libertarian movement in 2009.[8] Feldman ran unsuccessfully in 2010 for Ohio Attorney General as a Libertarian. He earned just shy of 3% of the vote.[9] In 2014 Feldman ran for Ohio State Treasurer, but was removed from the ballot prior to the election.[10] On January 13, 2015 Feldman kicked off his presidential bid for the 2016 election as a Libertarian[11][12][13] His main goal in running was to address how much money influences the political system. He has called his campaign “Votes Not For Sale” and won’t take any donations over $5.[14][15] Feldman advocates a more inclusive libertarianism to “recognize the equally important but different experience of the black struggle, the Latino struggle, the struggle for the majority of poor, who are not only oppressed, but devalued, disenfranchised, and discriminated against.”[16] Feldman promotes his “Balance and Credit” plan to shrink and reform the Federal government while building up the voluntary private social safety nets at the same time.[17]

Feldman frequently writes articles on his blog at The Times of Israel.[18] He also hosts a weekly podcast on Youtube called “The Sunday Bagel” at which he breaks down the news of the week from The New York Times from a libertarian perspective.

One response to “Four Libertarian presidential candidates now have Wikipedia pages about them

  1. But the BEST NEWS is:

    BREAKING: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz neck and neck in Iowa,
    while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are also locked in a tight race.
    NBC/WSJ/Marist poll

    Maybe we can “hang” Trump AND Cruz with only ONE ROPE!!
    Perhaps even ALL FOUR wit only TWO!

    I’m joking, OK?
    If your offended – TS!!!


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