Austin Petersen leading LP presidential field in two more online polls

Austin Petersen

On January 12th, ATPR reported that Austin Petersen was leading on ongoing online straw poll for current Libertarian Party presidential candidates. Now there are two more internet polls that show the 34-year-old founder of The Libertarian Republic winning against his competitors. The first poll is from

January 15-16:

Austin Petersen 237 votes 59%

Gary Johnson 114 votes 28%

Steve Kerbel 42 votes 10%

John McAfee 6 votes 1%

Cecil Ince 4 votes 1%

Derrick Michael Reid 1 vote 0%

Total votes: 404

Five other candidates, including Darryl W. Perry, received no votes. The second poll, from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina, was conducted from January 10th-13th:

Austin Petersen 45%

Gary Johnson 27%

Steve Kerbel 18%

Darryl W. Perry 7%

Marc Allan Feldman 3%

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