Jill Stein interview with North Carolina university student newspaper released

From Green Party Watch, January 21st:

The University of North Carolina Asheville Blue Banner has released the full video and transcript of news editor Larisa Karr’s interview with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, which took place on November 15 during Stein’s North Carolina campaign tour.

Karr writes, “Stein is tireless, fearless, and just won’t stop. In between campaigning in the United States and going to Paris to attend the recent COP21 conference, the Green Party presidential candidate sat down with the Banner last semester to discuss student loans, America’s foreign policy, and why she was handcuffed to a chair for hours during the last presidential debate.”

In other Stein campaign news, Stein is making a push to get on the general election ballot in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Utah. In 2012, Stein was on the ballot in Rhode Island and Utah, but ran as a write-in candidate in New Hampshire. She said, “Getting on the 2016 ballot for New Hampshire’s 873,932 registered voters would be an inspiring demonstration of how our movement is gaining momentum!”


Are you tired from your trip throughout North Carolina?
“Well, it’s been like an unending trip for four or five months. I just have very little time in between trips, and I was just in Maryland. Before that, I was in Texas, and it’s been almost non-stop for the last…I did have like a week break a ways back.”
It sounds like you’ve had a very busy schedule.
“It is busy but it’s really fun. It’s very, very fun. When you’re doing campaign travelling, it’s not like you get to sightsee (laughs) or anything. It’s more just meeting with people but it’s been so exciting how there’s a real sea change going on right now.”
One of the things that a lot of people are very passionate about is voting for Bernie Sanders, but few of them have heard of you. They’re like, ‘Yeah, I agree more with Jill,’ particularly on your military policy, not giving money to Israel for weapons, but they’ll say that, kind of what you were saying, voting for Bernie is the lesser evil compared to Republicans. What would you say to them? Why would you encourage them to not go be trapped between those two parties?
“Yeah, in terms of Bernie, I think what Bernie is doing is great inside the Democratic Party and he’s really stirring up a hornet’s nest of discontent that was already there. He’s just really elevating that discussion and that’s really wonderful. The downside is that the Democratic party has a kill switch for rebellious candidates, and they’ve done this for decades ever since George McGovern managed to get the nomination since 1972. Democrats created Super Tuesday and Super Delegates, which are both things that ensure that the nomination will go to an insider, not to a reformer. So, it’s unfortunate that Bernie’s going to get knocked out, and you can see the resistance growing now, and Bill Clinton is recruiting the Super Delegates, which are basically delegates that ensure that Hillary has the margin of difference, if she should need it. So it virtually ensures that Bernie is going to be knocked out of contention. I think it’s great for people to support his campaign, but at some point they’re going to need a plan B, so that all their work doesn’t get dumped down the drain.
Bernie has already said he’s going to support Hillary when she gets the nomination and I think most of his really ardent supporters don’t want to go there. They don’t want to support the banks. They don’t want to support this–”

Read the full transcript here. 

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