C. Michael Pickens: 5 Libertarian wins in Washington State

From the Libertarian Party of Washington at Libertarian Leadership Consulting

That’s right fellow Libertarians, with a new leadership team in place and a plan created in 2014, we have already put some wins under our belt. Let’s do a quick recap:

It all started waaaaaay back in the beginning of 2014 with a very impatient young Libertarian (myself) and a dream to get Libertarians elected to public office in order to repeal shitty, restrictive laws and let us keep more of our money from an ever intrusive authoritarian government. So, I started recruiting some awesome people to run as Libertarians for state office. Long story short; state LP leadership didn’t agree with my methods or plans so we recruited a super-majority for the 2014 convention and voted them all out just one year into their two year terms. I became the new Chairman for one term, our candidates and activists poured their hearts and souls into their campaigns, and a few months later…here were our election results:


8 candidates made it through “Top-Two” and 4 of them received over 30% of the vote. These are definitely some kick-ass results for Libertarians (for exact details on election results, check out our wiki page). We basically smashed all historical Libertarian vote totals in Washington State. Great results! However, we didn’t win any elections. It’s kinda hard to change public policy if we aren’t in public office.

Fast forward to 2015…out of our 17 Libertarian campaigns we scored 5 newly elected Libertarians taking our total elected Libertarians in Washington State to 9! Check out the results here:

We more than doubled the amount of Libertarians in Washington State. So in 2012 we only had our Presidential candidate on the ballot, 2014 we had 12 candidates, 2015 we had 17 candidates on the ballot. Are you ready for 2016? Well, as the former LPWA Chairman, I can honestly say that the party is not ready.

We have had tremendous growth and success in a very short amount of time but it’s not enough. To reach our goal of recruiting 100 candidates and set up their campaigns we need to hire someone full time to assist with this. If 100 people gave $50 per month, we could easily reach our goals. Will you help us out by contributing 5, 10 or even $50 per month?

Now I am asking you to support the new leadership who were elected at our 2015 LPWA Cascade Liberty Summit and Convention. Our Chairman elect is Steven Nielson. Steven was one of our awesome Libertarian candidates in 2014. He ran again Washington State Republican House Minority Leader Rep. JT Wilcox. Nielson was the first Libertarian candidate in Washington State history to advance through the “Top-Two” primary system that so many Libertarians complain about. He studied hard, practiced his skills, and ran an impressive campaign. Steven received 28.2% of the vote and won an entire precinct, something unheard of in most Libertarian campaigns.

As the former Chairman, I have been doing my best to support Nielson and the new leadership team and I encourage you to join us. Give your time, energy, and funds. We only live once, might as well do something worthwhile like give future generations more freedom than we have now.


C. Michael Pickens, Libertarian Activist


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