Update on Constitution Party presidential debate to be held in Idaho in February

From the Constitution Party of Idaho website, January 26th, 2016:

CP-Idaho has worked hard to bring three national candidates to Boise, Idaho.  On Saturday afternoon, February 27th, 2016, these citizen candidates will stand at debate in Boise Main Library’s Hayes Auditorium to present their views on issues affecting our state and nation.

Please help us get the conversation started!  Our candidates become stronger when they are tested in the forge of public questions.

The Boise Debate will be a unique opportunity for our registered voter base in Idaho.  Our fellow citizens will be able to question the national Constitution Party candidates directly.  To our knowledge, never before in the history of the Gem State has there been a presidential candidate debate.  2016 is truly historic.

Our national candidates–Copeland (surveyor); Ockander (vocational nurse); Myers (behavioral counselor)–do not just talk about the working middle class.  They are of the middle class…and they have citizen-led solutions.  CP-Idaho believes, whatever the final ballot tally may be come November, that it is absolutely necessary for working Americans to represent themselves in the current national political system.  Unless we do, the duopoly will not.

It is time to stand up.  And stand together.

To date, we have seven questions submitted by our readers.  While these questions are actually quite good, and will be asked, these are not nearly enough!  After all, the Boise Debate is scheduled to cover more than two hours.

Self government is not a spectator sport.  Now’s the time to participate.  You have our candidates, Idaho.  We have the forum.  And now we need YOU!

Please submit your questions for our 2016 Constitution Party presidential candidates below.  One of these three gentlemen will likely be the standard bearer for the national party.  Please submit your questions to the 2016 presidential candidates on the form below.

Information:  chairman@cpidaho.org

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