Libertarian poll shows Gary Johnson with huge lead

2012 LP presidential nominee Gary Johnson has a wide lead in the race for the 2016 Libertarian nomination


By Mark Wachtler

January 28, 2016. Salt Lake City, UT. (ONN) Media outlets publish Presidential polls all the time, but only for the two establishment political parties. That’s why the latest poll is so special – it surveys the support of each of the 12 Libertarian Party Presidential candidates. While the poll is non-scientific, it should be fairly accurate since it is hosted on Facebook in a group strictly for Libertarian Party voters. So far, 2012 nominee Gary Johnson has a commanding lead in the race for the 2016 Libertarian nomination.


Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was the Libertarian Party’s 2012 nominee for US President. After being labeled an outsider for quitting his bid for the GOP nomination and switching to the LP, Johnson faced Texas Libertarian Lee Wrights for the 2012 Presidential nomination. Johnson prevailed at the LP National Convention by a vote of 419-152.

Here we are four years later and the scenario has flipped. Today, Gary Johnson is the Party insider due to his admirable and respectable 2012 campaign and he’s facing a challenge by 11 other candidates including multi-millionaire software developer John McAfee. Showing that either Johnson was a terrific candidate, or that Americans are sick and tired of the two establishment parties, Gary Johnson received 1.2 million votes in the 2012 General Election – the most for any Libertarian Party Presidential candidate ever.

2016 Poll Results

Below are the current poll results in an ongoing online survey of Libertarian Party voters. The poll was created by longtime Libertarian activist and good friend of Opposition News – Raymond Agnew of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party. This author stumbled across the poll on the New Jersey LP’s state convention event page. At the time of this writing, 488 votes were cast:

Gary Johnson – 330 (68%)

Austin Petersen – 59 (12%)

Steve Kerbel – 36 (7%)

None of the Above – 16 (3%)

Darryl Perry – 14 (3%)

John McAfee – 13 (3%)

Cecil Ince – 6 (1%)

Marc Feldman – 3 (1%)

Joy Waymire – 2 (0%)

Rhett Smith – 1 (0%)


Johnson comments on 2016 bid

In a recent interview detailing his run for President in 2012 and now again in 2016, Johnson looked back at the 2012 General Election results and lamented, “I got one percent of the vote and 1.3 million votes. I was really disappointed with that outcome.” This time around, Johnson says of voters, “Frustration levels are at an all-time high.”

Gary Johnson continues to tout his record as Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2003. He left office only because he was term-limited, a safeguard against corruption that he fully supports. Johnson also promotes the fact that during his time in office, he was labeled, ‘the most fiscally conservative Governor in the country.’ He also holds the record for the most Bills vetoed by a Governor – 750 in all, more than all other state Governors combined.

For more information on Gary Johnson and his bid for the 2016 Libertarian Presidential nomination, visit his website at View a full list of all 12 LP candidates at Follow the online Libertarian Presidential poll on Facebook. And be sure to check out all the 2016 opposition/third party candidates in all states for all offices at the Opposition News 2016 Candidates Page.

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