Opposition News interviews Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Chris Michel

Chris Michel, Libertarian candidate for US Senate from Illinois. Image courtesy of the Illinois Herald.

From Opposition News.org:

By Mark Wachtler

January 26, 2016. Romeoville, IL. (ONN) While Illinois Democrats and Republicans are fighting amongst themselves to see who will represent each Party in the November General Election, the Libertarian Party of Illinois has recruited a slate of experienced candidates and they’re already on the campaign trail. One of those Libertarian hopefuls is Chris Michel, candidate for US Senate. As voter sentiment currently stands, come November he may face two of the most unpopular establishment politicians in Illinois.


The below article was published in yesterday’s edition of Opposition News’ sister publication, the Illinois Herald.

Illinois Herald editor Mark Wachtler recently sat down with Libertarian Party US Senate candidate Chris Michel for a one-on-one interview. Thank you to Chris for taking the time to tell our readers a little more about himself and his campaign.

Illinois Herald: Two years ago, you ran as the Libertarian nominee for Illinois Secretary of State. You finished third out of five candidates and garnered over 100,000 votes. What did you learn from that race and why did you choose the office of US Senate this time around?

Chris Michel: As a candidate, I had a wonderful opportunity to travel the state and talk with the people of Illinois. I learned that most have libertarian beliefs and they are looking for a candidate to represent them. In the US Senate, I can represent the people of Illinois and bring libertarian solutions to our nation’s capital.

Illinois Herald: You’ve run for office before as an independent write-in and a Libertarian. Why are you running as a Libertarian again? Do you believe it helps or hurts your chances?

Chris Michel: I teach my children that violence does not solve anything. The Libertarian Party promotes peaceful solutions to the issues troubling our country. It is great to be a Libertarian candidate because people are seeking new answers, and increasingly finding them with the Libertarian Party.

Read the rest of the interview here. 

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