Darryl W. Perry responds to Libertarian Skeptics Network questionnaire


Darryl W. Perry

On January 28th, ATPR reported that Steve Kerbel and John McAfee had responded to questionnaire from the Libertarian Skeptics Network, a Libertarian Party advocacy group. On January 29th, anarchist writer and radio host Darryl W. Perry, another contender for the LP’s presidential nomination, released his official response to the questionnaire. The following is taken from a comment on IPR:

1. Would your administration respect and duly consider scientific evidence, expert consensus, cost-benefit analysis, and practice evidence-based decision-making?

I would consider the information. However I would not necessarily implement the recommended course of action, especially if the recommendation suggests increasing the size, scope, or power of government.

2. The Libertarian platform supports the prohibition of fraud, as being no different than theft. In your view does this include the selling of fake, mislabeled, or scam medications under deliberately false claims of therapeutic effect?
Yes. For instance, if someone is selling rat poison as a cure-all or a pill to regrow amputated limbs, I believe we could all agree the person is committing fraud. There is however nuance that needs to be considered, and trying to define what medical claim is or is not a “ deliberately false claim of therapeutic effect” is not easy to do; and would probably be left to a jury, judge, or panel of judges.

3.  Do you support the development of private industry and a free market in the field of aerospace, including commercial launch services based in the United States, commercial manned spaceflight, and competitive bidding in NASA procurement?   

I support a free market in every aspect of the economy, and believe that all functions currently performed by governments should left to market demands.

4. Do you support a free market in pharmaceuticals, and oppose laws and regulations that hinder the advancement of modern medical science, such as the length and corruption of the FDA approval process?   
I support the existence of free-market certifications and believe such certifications are helpful to those looking for qualified health care.
I believe that individuals should be free to choose the medical care they believe is best for themselves. This includes the freedom to seek alternative forms of treatment, such as holistic, homeopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, shaman, or any other form of treatment they choose. Governments should not mandate what qualifies someone to give medical treatment, nor should any government use force, or the threat of force, to prevent an individual from seeking treatment from an “unqualified” practitioner.
I support the repeal/abolition of the FDA, Medicare, Medicaid, forced vaccination, mandatory health insurance laws, and any other governmental dictate that interferes with than individuals right to choose the medical care the wish to seek.

5. Do you oppose regulations mandating an arbitrary definition and punitive label for genetically engineered crops, and the associated implication that this life-saving technology is harmful and should be banned?

I believe people have a right to know what’s in their food. However I don’t believe in forcing anyone to do anything. Forcing businesses to label their products is not freedom. Businesses should be free to list or not list the source of their product, and people are free to buy or not buy products that are not labeled to their preference. One thing that I find to be an interesting parallel is the “certified organic” label. I’ve heard reports of things being labeled “certified organic” that are not what people would generally consider to be organic. This exists because government is involved in determining who is allowed to use that label. If the FDA or USDA mandated GMO labeling, it would be the FDA or USDA that determines what is and what is not a genetically engineered crop.

6. Do you plan to campaign on advocating the belief that the September 11th attacks, or any other recent mass shooting or terrorist attack, was a hoax staged by the United States government?
I do not.

7.Do you agree that Libertarian defenses of medical freedom and personal autonomy, should not be based on false or disproven claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccination?

Medical decisions should be based on informed consent, and vaccination should not be an all-or-nothing set of procedures. However, as I understand them, current laws allowing for either philosophical or religious exemptions to vaccines mandate an all-or-nothing approach, and remove the ability for the patient, or their guardian, to opt-out of individually mandated vaccines. This leads to the larger issue of governments mandating medical procedures/treatment; which should not happen in a free society!

8. Do you agree that taxpayer money should not be wasted by the government on investigating “paranormal” phenomenon, such as alien abductions, ghosts, psychic abilities, and the like?

I agree, and believe that all functions currently performed by governments should left to market demands.

9.  Do you oppose laws restricting or banning research in the field of genetics, including regulations that would ban consumer products derived from such research?

I oppose all laws/regulations that either mandate or prohibit any action.

10. Do you agree that it is important for the Libertarian message to be presented by our candidates in a manner that is credible, honest, and demonstrating seriousness of purpose?

Darryl W. Perry’s website can be found here, while his official Facebook page can be found here.


One response to “Darryl W. Perry responds to Libertarian Skeptics Network questionnaire

  1. It is great to see that Darryl is developing a nice set of rational Libertarian positions on fundamental issues. All Libertarian candidates should be doing that, but a few of our presidential candidates are straying from core issues and advocating unproductive strategies. We all should stick to our principles of individual liberty and codified protection from force and fraud, and be careful not to fall into traps on fringe issues that end up feeding the beast (unlimited government) rather than starving it.


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