Latest updates on Jill Stein presidential campaign


Green Party Watch, January 28th, 2016:

– Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said in a campaign email: “If the drinking water in Flint, Michigan was poisoned by ISIS, rather than corporate-sponsored politicians, how do you think President Obama and the Republican-Democratic duopoly would respond? … It’s an outrage that public officials knowingly allowed this to happen. To prevent this kind of criminal neglect from ever occurring again, we must demand accountability.”

— Oregon’s Eugene Weekly profiled Stein, writing that Stein “says she wants to mobilize the 43 million students and young people burdened by student debt, calling this group ‘a self-organizing demographic’ through mechanisms such as social media. One element of her platform is canceling education debt for those students. ‘It’s a no brainer,’ Stein says, pointing out that the same was done for the banks.”

The Root ran a piece on Stein that focused mainly on race. Stein told The Root, “Our campaign strives to lift up the leadership of front-line communities, African-American and Latino women in particular. I believe that the more diverse we become, the stronger we become. Women of color are critical to that diversity and strength.”

— Alex Green of The Houston Chronicle says in a blog post that Stein is the most liberal of 17 presidential candidates on immigration, writing that she “has proposed some comprehensive immigration reform policies, including demilitarizing border crossings and halting deportations of law-abiding undocumented immigrants. Even more far-reaching is Jill Stein’s plan to repeal the NAFTA trade agreement.”

— Stein signed campaign T-shirts for backers of her recent ballot access push, and the campaign says orders of bumper stickers, lapel pins, lawn signs, and shirts will be sent soon.

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