Margaret Flowers calls for congressional action on uranium mines


Green Party Watch, January 28th, 2016:

Maryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers is calling for congressional action to address the impacts of the more than 15,000 abandoned and exposed hazardous uranium mines throughout the United States. Flowers works with Clean Up The Mines! and Popular Resistance, which are meeting this week in Washington to raise awareness of the continuing radioactive contamination affecting millions of people.

Flowers said in a statement, “In the Senate I will sponsor the Uranium Exploration and Mining Accountability Act. Because there are no laws on the books, corporations and the federal government are evading responsibility for cleaning up these toxic, hazardous sites. They are an invisible threat causing cancers, birth defects and diseases. We must introduce legislation to clean up the mines and affected areas, provide clean water and compensate individuals who are suffering adverse health effects from living near them.”

The environmental just platform plank of Flowers’ campaign, from her website:

Environmental justice means that all people have access to clean water and air, healthy foods and a livable future by confronting the climate crisis and environmental degradation. We need to rapidly move from dependence on fossil and nuclear fuels to clean and sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal.Corporations should be held responsible for environmental damage that undermines the health of communities. And corporations should not extract minerals or energy sources such as oil, gas or uranium if that cannot be done in a way that protects the integrity of our air, water and food systems.

“Given the severity of the climate crisis, it is necessary that we ban further fossil fuel infrastructure and act quickly to transition to clean renewable energy sources. We need to embrace regenerative farming practices and wetlands preservation to contain carbon. In addition to the positive effects on the climate crisis, these actions will create healthier communities, new jobs and healthier work conditions. We also need to protect food security by banning genetically-engineered foods and harmful pesticides while  increasing organic and local food production. We need to remake our transportation system to encourage the use of mass transit and create a safer environment for pedestrians and bikers.”

Flowers helped to found Clean Up The Mines, a national campaign to clean up the thousands of abandoned uranium mines throughout the United States that continue to pollute the land, water and air with radioactive and heavy metals. She also helped to found We Are Cove Point, a coalition that is working to stop the construction of a large power plant, refinery and gas export facility in southern Maryland. This would be the first facility of its kind on the East Coast and the first in the world to be placed in a densely populated area. Flowers is active with Beyond Extreme Energy which is pushing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to stop permitting new pipelines, compressor stations and export facilities that poison communities and drive more fracking for oil and gas.

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