Gary Johnson leading online LP straw poll with Austin Petersen a close second

Gary Johnson

From Karl Dickey at

A new presidential poll rating 11 of the Libertarian Party (LP) presidential candidates seeking the 2016 LP Presidential Nomination has found former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on top with 40 percent of the vote. As of today, January 30, 2016, over two thousand people have taken the online poll which is twice as many respondents as most mainstream presidential polls. Johnson was the 2012 LP Presidential Nominee and received approximately 1.3 million votes from Americans seeking an alternative to the Republican and Democratic candidates.

Austin Wade Petersen is seeking the Libertarian Party's Presidential Nomination

Photo Credit: Austin Petersen for President

Austin Petersen has come in a close second with 36 percent of the vote total. Petersen used to work at the national headquarters of the Libertarian Party and now runs the popular website “The Libertarian Republic.”

The rest of the candidates did not come close to either Johnson or Petersen in the poll which seems to accurately reflect the sentiment of Libertarians in South Florida. Other candidates included in the poll are Steve Kerbel, Dr. Marc Feldman, Darryl Perry, Cecil Ince, Barbara Joy Waymire, Jack Robinson, John David Hale, Rhett Smith, and Derrick Michael Reid. The poll also includes a Libertarian tradition of “None of the Above” (NOTA) which itself received two percent of the vote. Also, the poll excluded John McAfee who recently announced his run for president under the Libertarian Party banner. McAfee is the founder of the popular anti-virus software company that bears his name.

The Libertarian Party will nominate their presidential nominee at their national convention in Orlando, Florida in May, 2016. Some Libertarians will be able to visit with several presidential candidates at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s State Convention happening in West Palm Beach, Florida in April, 2016.

The results of the poll as of February 1st, 2016:

Gary Johnson 808 votes 40%

Austin Petersen 724 votes 36%

Steven Kerbel 245 votes 12%

Darryl W. Perry 156 votes 8%

NOTA 40 votes 2%

Marc Allan Feldman 31 votes 2%

Jack Robinson 11 votes 1%

Cecil Ince 10 votes 0%

John David Hale 1 vote 0%

Rhett Smith 1 vote 0%

Derrick Michael Reid 0 votes 0%

Note: This online straw poll appears to be the same one ATPR reported about on January 12th, except now more people have voted in it, thus changing the results. – KL

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