Libertarian presidential candidate Austin Petersen responds to Rand Paul dropping out from GOP race

Today, Austin Petersen, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, released a video responding to Rand Paul’s exit from the Republican presidential race. He also posted a few comments to his Facebook page. (Transcript of the video below video)

True libertarians have no business supporting any of these Republican candidates left standing! No to Rubio! Hell no to Trump! Join me in theLibertarian Party! Join ‪#‎AP4LP‬ and let’s bring the fight to the Neocons and Democrats!

The GOP hates libertarians! We must fight them from the Libertarian Party! Join your state LP, register as a volunteer on my website. Become a delegate! We are leaving Valley Forge now! On to Trenton! It’s time to kill Hessians!


Hello everyone, I’m presidential candidate Austin Petersen for the Libertarian Party. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming and listening to my live streams today, today specifically my message is to Senator Rand Paul and to his supporters. I just heard the news from the AP that Senator Paul has decided to end his campaign for the nomination of the Republican Party, and I’d just like to say first of all, thank you very much Senator Paul for doing the due diligence to fight the good fight for libertarian principles in the Republican Party.

You know, in 2007, I started my campaign to take over the government and leave everyone alone because I was inspired by a country doctor, your father, Dr. Ron Paul, who cured my apathy about politics and here I am in New York City right now, which is an interesting place for me to be because this is where I started my political journey. I was a volunteer for Dr. Ron Paul and we started a group of twelve people in downtown Manhattan that eventually ballooned to the size of 1,200 people because Dr. Ron Paul was so inspiring that he inspired an entire movement of people, here in liberal New York City, and we raised over a million dollars for his campaign, and inspired many others to join us in Dr. Paul’s campaign in 2008.

Then, as Dr. Paul’s campaign and youth movement grew, the movement grew and became more professional. I moved on to work in Washington, D.C. for the Libertarian Party, and then I went on to the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. After that, Dr. Paul, I went on to work for Fox Business, where I became a producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano, and you and I met several times as I worked very hard to help you spread your message so that you could win your Senate seat.

Now, we know each other on a first name basis, and I know that you know that my desire for libertarianism to come to the United States is sincere. And I just want to say thank you very much for fighting this good fight. I think that you’ve done a good job in trying to bring people to libertarian principles, but it’s very difficult in the Republican Party, and as you can tell, the base of the Republican Party is not very libertarian. That’s why we see the rise of people like Donald Trump, and although I do like Senator Cruz on many good things, he’s not a libertarian on many others. And I think that in 2016 it’s very important that the revolution that your father started continue with a true libertarian. That is why I decided months ago to seek the nomination of my party, the Libertarian Party, for president of the United States. Sir, not because I didn’t support you, but because I thought that there was a chance that the Republicans might betray their libertarian roots.

Now, I understand that you have a Senate seat to fight for, and I wish you the best of luck in fighting for that Senate seat, sir. I just want to make sure, that in 2016, that we have a strong Libertarian Party candidate, and that’s why I’m running; because I think there are many pretenders to the throne, people who just want to seek the nomination for their own aggrandizement, but I’m seeking this sir because I truly care about the common principles that we share, and the ones that your father’s inspired in me.

So what I am asking right now sir, is even if you will not endorse me, which I am asking you to do now, is that you will at least not campaign against the Libertarian Party candidate. I’m asking you sir to join the Libertarian Party today. If you would like, you can join me in my campaign as I prepare to cross the country. I understand that the partisanship that we are, that we are plagued with here in the United States could preclude you from from doing so, sir, but I’m asking you sir, please sir, right now, to help me in my campaign. And sir if you will join me and the Libertarian Party I would gladly welcome you. And I am also asking that all of your supporters, Senator Paul, join me in the Libertarian Party.

Now listen, I appreciate everything that you’ve done, sir, and I know that you have a Senate seat to fight, which is why I’m saying good job to you and please go and win that Senate seat because we need you in the Senate. And if you cannot join the Libertarian Party, all I ask is that you do not stand in the way of those of us who will be fighting to carry the torch of libertarianism in this election season.

I’m asking everyone right now: please, please, to join my campaign. Go to Please donate whatever you can today, register as a volunteer, subscribe on Facebook, share our content on social media. Please do everything you can to help us win the nomination of the Libertarian Party. The first step will be to join the Libertarian Party, go to your state’s convention, become a delegate, and meet me in Florida. I believe that there are still victories that can be won in 2016. I think that there are still chances that we can take ground for liberty. And just because Senator Paul is not necessarily the figurehead at this time, it doesn’t mean that he can’t do great things in the future.

But now is our time, and now is the time for the youth to surge forward, and I will fight at the head of this campaign if you will join me in my campaign to take over the government and leave everyone alone. Thank you so much everyone for fighting the good fight. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts, and thank you very much to everyone who worked on Senator Paul’s campaign for doing what they could to advance these principles and to advance Dr. Paul’s career. We need more good libertarians like Rand Paul, we need more good libertarians like Ron Paul, and I am preparing to take this revolution to the next level.

So if the revolution continues, if you want it, go to, send whatever you can. I’m getting ready to go across the country and looks like my…are here I gotta run. Thank you so much and have a great day.

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