Four candidates vie for Peace and Freedom Party’s nomination

Published February 6th, 2016 by Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

February 6, 2016. Oakland, CA (ONN) The Peace and Freedom Party may be a regional party, found mainly in California. But their large following in that one state has made them impossible to ignore on the national stage. In 2012, the Peace and Freedom Presidential nominee garnered enough votes to make the Party the sixth largest political party in America. That makes their 2016 Presidential endorsement a hot commodity within the opposition-left. Four candidates are currently vying for the Party’s nod.

Lynn Kahn, independent running for the Peace & Freedom Presidential nomination.


In 2008, the Peace and Freedom Party nomination went to Ralph Nader. In California where he was running on the Party’s ballot line, the popular consumer advocate garnered 108,381 votes. In 2012, actress Roseanne Barr was the Peace and Freedom Presidential nominee. She received 67,359 votes. That put the Party in sixth place nationally, just behind the Constitution Party, but ahead of other opposition-left parties like the Justice Party, PSL, SPUSA and Working Families.

2016 Presidential candidates

This election cycle, four candidates are seeking the Peace and Freedom Party’s nomination for President. In the tradition of ‘fusion politics’, three are actually Presidential candidates from other political parties while one is a self-described independent. Meet the 2016 Peace and Freedom Presidential candidates.

Jill Stein

Dr. Jill Stein was the Green Party’s 2012 Presidential nominee, where she finished 4th nationally behind Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson. She is again seeking the Green nomination for President this year. Showing why a Green candidate would want the Peace and Freedom endorsement, if the two Parties’ 2012 vote totals were combined, a unified candidate would have almost doubled their votes in the largest state in the nation.

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