Maryland Green House candidate Myles Hoenig criticizes education reforms


Myles Hoenig, the Green Party candidate for U.S. House in Maryland’s Seventh District, said in a release that the education reform “that has been promoted for many years has clearly been a winner for the private education and the prison industries.”

Hoenig called Teach For America “a program designed to staff urban schools with teachers who have very little teacher preparation and virtually no commitment to remain teachers” that “is used as a steppingstone for someone’s career, not an inducement to improve education in hard to staff districts.”

He continued, “Educating children is not, and should not, be equated with being a business or utilizing business models and techniques. … Equating teacher evaluations on rubrics based on student performance is also just another example of the commodification of education and learning.”

From Hoening’s campaign website:

There is nothing wrong with standards. There is nothing wrong with assessments. However, the Obama administration, an extension of Bush’s, has taken standards and assessments to obscene levels. They may not acknowledge it, for to do so would be a federal crime, but they have indeed instituted a national curriculum and imposed it on the states to implement.
Through private corporations under the direction of ALEC, they have all but privatized public education. When we were hit by the Great Recession created by the banking industry, supported by both administrations, the federal government offered a bribe to the states to adopt the standards or lose out. In a recession, this ‘was an offer that couldn’t be refused’. Students, teachers, schools and communities have suffered ever since. The winners are Pearson (a British company) and all other industries related to marketing education. (

  • Race to the Top must end.
  • States should develop their own standards and methods of assessment.
  • Federal tax money should be used as an incentive for states and school boards who minimize corporate involvement in public education.
  • Teachers’ unions should be protected.
  • End all federal support for Teach For America (a teacher-scab organization) and replace it with a Teacher Peace Corp with guarantees for teacher longevity, not resume building.
  • Federal money to re-wire all schools in America, with minimal funds tied to assessment.
  • End to teacher evaluation based on student tests.
  • End of all charter schools that are not fully integrated into the public education system, including union membership.

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