Jesse Ventura: Doesn’t Bloomberg Represent Wall Street?


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“The Governor sounds off on rumors that former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is considering a potential presidential run in time for the 2016 elections as an independent candidate.

How will Michael Bloomberg get ballot access at such a late date? They will tie him up in court.  I question how he could get that done in a timely manner.

He hasn’t announced anything yet.  The only way he could secure ballot access across all the states would be to align with the Libertarian party and securing their nomination.

I don’t believe the Libertarians would necessarily hand the nomination to him.  His positions on the legalization of marijuana is exactly the opposite of the party’s belief. Libertarians for the most part want to end the war on drugs.  Bloomberg, on the other hand, it seems would like to escalate it.  He doesn’t even support the medicinal use of marijuana.”

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