Two new LP presidential polls show Austin Petersen leading

Austin Petersen tops poll with Libertarian Party presidential candidates

Austin Petersen

Recently, two online straw polls have surfaced gauging support for the candidates seeking the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. In both of them, former Freedom Watch producer Austin Petersen is the leader. From Karl Dickey at, February 7th:

A new poll out yesterday, February 6, 2016, found that Libertarians are favoring Austin Petersen to be the Libertarian Party‘s 2016 presidential nominee. The poll, directed at Libertarians who will be attending the Libertarian Party‘s national convention in Orlando, Florida responded with 52.47 percent voting for Petersen and 24.47 percent voting for his closest rival, Gary Johnson. Johnson was the party’s 2012 presidential nominee and garnered over one million votes behind Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. The Libertarian Party presidential nominee is expected to be on the ballot in all 50 states up against the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees.

Petersen and Johnson have been duking it out as the two most popular of the 12 candidates vying for Libertarian support. Last month a poll put Johnson on top with Petersen close behind. Petersen has been gaining popularity with members of the Libertarian Party since his announcement of his candidacy last month. Petersen will be in Florida later this month attending a fundraiser hosted by the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County.

Yesterday’s poll found 14.59 percent support for Steve Kerbel, Darryl Perry received 2.35 percent, John McAfee at 2.12 percent, Joy Waymire 1.18 percent tying “None o the Above.” the other candidates received less than one percent support. Although this online poll did have some security safeguards, no poll is perfect and it is unfortunate the poll was only a sampling of 425 respondents. Generally, polls should have at least 1,000 respondents for the best accuracy.

Most Libertarian candidates will be attending the combined Libertarian Party of Alabama and Mississippi state convention later this month which will give attendees a better idea of who to support. The Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee as well as their candidate for Vice President will be selected by delegates attending theconvention May 27-30, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. This year’s convention theme is #LegalizeFreedom which was selected by members of the Libertarian Party last year.

The Libertarian Party’s national convention will have all the candidates in attendance and the party has announced some of the notables who will speak at the convention. Mises Institutes senior fellow, Tom Woods will be speaking along with Adam Kokesh, Major Neill Franklin of LEAP and sci-Fi author Michele Poague. Other speakers are expected to be announced shortly and those seeking to attend can do so by going to this link: Those seeking to be a voting delegate should get with their state Libertarian Party so they can vote for who they would like to see as the President and Vice Presidential nominees.

The poll results here, as of 12:44 PM CST February 9th:

Austin Petersen 49.13% (253 votes)

Gary Johnson 28.74% (148 votes)

Steve Kerbel 12.43% (64 votes)

Darryl W. Perry 3.11% (16 votes)

None of the Above (NOTA) 1.75% (9 votes)

Joy Waymire 0.97% (5 votes)

Cecil Ince 0.53% (3 votes)

Marc Allan Feldman 0.39% (2 votes)

Rhett Smith 0.19% (1 vote)

Shawna Joy Sterling 0.19% (1 vote)

Derrick Micheal Reid and Jack Robinson, Jr, received no votes. Total votes: 515.

Also, a poll from shows Petersen with a one-point lead over Gary Johnson. The results:

Austin Petersen 39%

Gary Johnson 38%

Darryl W. Perry 16%

Steve Kerbel 3%

John McAfee 2%

Marc Allan Feldman 1%

Total votes: 1,356


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