Michigan Green Party Leaders Call For Full-Scale Emergency Mobilization For Flint


(The following was a press release from the Green Party.)

Michigan Green Party leaders today demanded that the federal government use all its considerable resources to supply the people of Flint with safe water in sufficient quantities for drinking, bathing, cooking and cleaning.

“There needs to be a full and immediate mobilization of all the resources at the disposal of the federal government to provide Flint with safe water,” said retired physician and army officer Candace Caveny of Lapeer, Green Party 2014 lieutenant-governor candidate. “I support the replacement of all pipes that contribute to the problem.” She continued, “After two years of crisis, the failure of the state and federal governments to end the poisoning is a condemnation of Emergency Managers, and an economic system that places profits as first priority and the people’s needs last. The government has the ability and the resources to supply every resident of Flint with safe water in amounts necessary for daily life. They must do so immediately.”

“The crisis in Flint began when the auto factories closed and there was no effort made to create jobs for people, save the homes, or reuse the empty factories. The city was abandoned by GM and then by the state and federal government,” said Margaret Guttshall, candidate for Wayne State University Board of Governors this year. “The people of Flint need a mobilization to take the residents out of poverty. This means quality, free education from kindergarten through college, a special concern of mine, as well as a secure and healthy environment with housing, food, healthcare, transportation and jobs.”

“The poisoning of Flint’s children has been yet another way to damage the education of poor and minority children, as has been done by Michigan governors in Detroit since 1999,” said Sherry A. Wells, candidate for the Michigan State Board of Education.

“With our state government involved up to the highest level, we need independent investigations to find everyone responsible for this tragedy — and to make sure they face all appropriate civil penalties, recall for elected officials, and criminal charges up to possible depraved-heart murder,” says Green attorney and 2014 Attorney General candidate John Anthony La Pietra. “All the bad actors should join the state in paying for the short- and long-term needs of the residents of Flint, as well as for damages for their pain and suffering.”

NOTE: Christopher Wahmhoff, Green Party candidate for US Senate in 2014, arrested for defending his neighborhood from the Enbridge pipeline in June, 2013, has been told he may have a parole violation for words about arresting Governor Snyder on his personal Facebook page. Please contact him at: w for more information.

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