Statement from John McAfee on Proposed Fox Business News Libertarian Presidential Debate


(The following is a press release from John McAfee’s presidential campaign.)

February 12, 2016

Lexington, TN-   Statement from John McAfee on Proposed Fox Business News Libertarian Presidential Debate

John McAfee, cybersecurity legend and 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, today issued the following statement regarding a proposed nationally televised Libertarian party presidential debate:

“This week, the Libertarian Party was offered an opportunity to gain a significant national presence by Fox Business News. John Stossel offered to moderate a debate between myself, Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson. The debate would have been taped live at the International Students For Liberty Conference in Washington, DC.

This would have raised national awareness of Libertarian principles, and would have promoted the Libertarian Party platform to millions of Americans.

Mr. Petersen and I both readily agreed to the debate, and both of our campaigns were excited about the potential to swell the Libertarian ranks through this great opportunity.

Gary Johnson, however, stated that he had “prior obligations” and would not be able to attend. Fox Business News then indicated that a two person debate would not be viable.

My campaign, as well as the campaign of Mr. Petersen, had the same prior obligation as Gary Johnson: the very worthwhile joint state conventions of the Alabama and Mississippi Libertarian Parties.

We were both willing to work with all three candidates to make sure that we could not only take advantage of this great media opportunity, but also spend quality time with Libertarian Party delegates in convention.

Unfortunately, Gary Johnson’s campaign had no such interest.

I am sad and disappointed that a two-time candidate for President was unable to perceive the benefits available to the Libertarian Party.

I salute Austin Peterson for his willingness to debate on a national stage, and I applaud the efforts of the Students For Liberty organization.

I look forward to discussing the principles of the Libertarian Party onstage at the next debate opportunity.”

3 responses to “Statement from John McAfee on Proposed Fox Business News Libertarian Presidential Debate

  1. Well, there is another 3rd party debate that Stossel could moderate…find out more by visiting my site… and check out the blog posts.. or visit for more info on the Constitution Party debate Feb 27th 2016 in Boise, ID.


  2. WHAT are you talking about??? You need to go to some other party, where acting like chimps throwing shit at one another is more accepted.

    Gary Johnson’s been posting all day about how excited he is for this debate. Get over yourself. Always hated your software anyway.


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