Chad Koppie running as Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois

Chad Koppie Campaign's Profile Photo

Chad Koppie

On February 11th, the following was posted on Chad Koppie’s Facebook page:

I think that Sen. Kirk will win his primary. Since he and Duckworth are liberal, I’m running for the U.S. Senate, for the Constitution Party. We can start to collect petition signatures on March 29. We need to get at least 25,000 signatures by June 25. If you want to help by volunteering and/or donating, please tell me. We need to ensure that a conservative will run for that seat in Nov.

Chad Koppie was previously the Constitution Party’s 2008 candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois, coming in 5th out of five candidates with 24,059 votes, or 0.45% of the vote. He also was a candidate for the Constitution Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, but dropped out of the race on September 25th, 2015, citing inability to travel for his campaign.

About Chad Koppie, from his campaign website:

Chad Koppie is very active in his local community, is in his second term as a member of the Kane County Regional Board of Schools and is a board member of the Illinois Forum. He’s served as a township trustee and a member of the local school board. Chad believes that education is the key to the future and that means that – in order to improve the educational system – everyday people need to stand up and speak out.

Chad has been an ardent spokesperson on behalf of his conservative principles for decades. He isn’t some guy who just showed up out of nowhere claiming to be a man of principle but having nothing to show for it.

Throughout his life, Chad Koppie has proven himself to be an honorable man. But he doesn’t see a lot of honor in the way most public officials conduct themselves these days. He believes that the federal government has grown too big, too powerful, and too corrupt. The old maxim is true:

“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. This absolute power’s name is tyranny. And tyranny is a loss of liberty,” Chad says.

Chad Koppie is a lifetime farmer. He grew up on a family farm that encompassed 4,000 acres in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. He continued farming in his adult life and currently lives on an 80 acre farm and rents 1200 acres that he still farms. He was number 5 out of nine siblings from Gilberts, Illinois and went to aviation school at Purdue University.

Chad Koppie is a retired jumbo jet Captain with Delta Airlines of 35 years. He flew jets out of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport domestically and retired as the number one jumbo jet Captain out of New York City’s JFK. Chad feels that he is in a unique position to now focus on serving our country because he understands the middle class values and he understands the blue collar voter.

Chad’s family values, duty to God and Country mean everything to him. He grew up in a Christian family and has been married to his one and only wife Teresa. They “grew” a big family – three sons, one daughter and ten grandchildren.

If you are tired of the over-reach of government into our lives…

Join the campaign to elect an honest hard-working man that will fight for the middle class.

Chad Koppie is one of those rare honest men that will stand firm on principle – He’ll stand and fight for the average American, not the priveledged class.

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