Buddyhead: Soltysik/Walker 2016: An underground socialist campaign meant to stir shit up


(The following was originally published in Buddyhead.)

The 2016 Presidential campaign has been a highlight of traditional and social media and has brought forth a lot of debate about the current political system. But as most of us reading this probably already know, it’s the same old bullshit story over and over again. Calls for actively supporting the oppressive apartheid state of Israel while at the same calling for peace by denouncing the Iraq War is a hypocritical lie that both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders spout.

I feel like most of us would like to be part of a society where we know our work is directly helping the well-being of our communities versus just doing some shit job and wasting countless resources so someone can wildly profit off of our labor.

If the system is staying the same it doesn’t matter who the president is, the crucial things that need to change won’t. We already know where capitalism gets us. The working class feels the consequences. So changing the system would be the only thing with a strong enough effect to counter the damages caused by our socially divided, profit-based society.

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