Constitution Party publishes list of presidential debates between its candidates

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On February 14th, a link to the following was posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page

The 2016 campaign season is heating up, and the Constitution Party National Convention will have several candidates from which to choose their nominee when in Salt Lake City (April 15th and 16th).

Constitution Party voters will have several opportunities to see some of the Constitution Party candidates together for the first time this month.

FEBRUARY 22:  Sally Baptiste, host of the American Statesman radio show, will moderate an online live debate between three of the candidates.   7:00 pm Eastern Time.  Listen at American Statesman Radio.

FEBRUARY 27: The Constitution Party of Idaho will host the first face-to-face debate between three of the candidates seeking the presidential nominee.   Candidates Copeland, Myers and Ockander will also appear one week later, March 8 on the Idaho Constitution Party primary ballot, an historic first for the Idaho party.   The event will take place  from 12:30 to 3:30 pm in the Hayes Auditorium of the downtown Boise Public Library, located at 715 South Capitol Boulevard.   The debate is open to the public and will be followed by a Meet and Greet dinner with the three candidates.

The Constitution Party of Idaho is now gathering questions from the public for the upcoming Boise Debate.  Please visit this link to Submit Your Questions.

MARCH 12: The Constitution Party of Minnesota has tentatively scheduled their statewide convention in Minneapolis on March 12th.   They are planning on hosting a debate between several presidential candidates at this meeting.  More details will be posted as soon as available.

PUBLIC SQUARE.NET: is an independent, non-partisan webzine that aims to encourage stimulating debate on the political, legal, religious, and social issues of the day.   It hosts debates in domestic policy, foreign affairs, law, religion, society, history, science, and philosophy. Debates take place in written, audio, or video format.

The first debate is between Constitution Party candidate J. R. Myers and Libertarian candidate Marc Feldman.   View the debate video here.

3 responses to “Constitution Party publishes list of presidential debates between its candidates

  1. The campaign needs your financial support NOW! We have been invited to several venues, and will only be able to participate as funds allow.

    So far, I’m now officially on the primary ballots in two states for a total of 59/270 Electoral Vote potential count goal. They are Idaho (4) and California (55).

    The Constitution Party is currently on the ballot in 14 states, and is working on expanding ballot access in more. Currently the CP ballot access represents 137 Electoral Votes.

    If nominated by the CP, as of today, I would be on 15 states representing 192 Electoral Votes.

    We need to gain more states to add at least 78 more electoral votes, which would bring us to the 270 Electoral Votes.

    Thank you for your valued support!



  2. Request your free E-copy of my book “Presidential Candidate Patrick Anthony Ockander: Defending The Constitution, And Restoring Power To The People” by visiting my site God bless America. Hard copies of the book can be purchased on Amazon for only ten dollars.


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