Constitution Party National Convention Information

Constitution party

(The following is a press release from the Constitution Party.)

16 February 2016

TO:  Convention Delegates, National Committee Members, State Chairmen,
Executive  Committee Members, and Constitution Party Supporters
FROM: Joan Castle, Convention Coordinator
RE: 2016 Presidential Nominating Convention, Salt Lake City, 13 – 16 April 2016

Every four years the membership of the Constitution Party comes together to fellowship, conduct party business and to nominate the Party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.  Prior to the General Session, the Platform Committee prepares its recommendations for the delegates to consider in updating or changing the planks of the party platform.  This is a crucial gathering for the Party’s and the country’s future.

The 2016 Convention Platform Committee and the Credentials Committee will meet on Wednesday and Thursday, April 13-14.  The General Session will be held Friday andSaturday, April 15-16.


Each state has a certain number of delegates who must be cleared through the Credentials Committee.  Once cleared, their state membership or leadership (based on their By-laws) assigns delegates to either the Platform or the Credentials Committee.  If you are interested in being on one of these committees, you should let your state leader know of your interest and ask to be placed on the committee.  The State Chairman is the key point for state involvement.  Click here to find your state party leadership.


STEP 1:  The registration form can be found on the National Events page of the Constitution Party website.  Click here to download.   Both delegate and non-delegate attendees can register with the same form.

Registration Fee:

  • Early Bird (good through 3/15)  $275.00
  • After 3/15 the price goes up to $299.00
  • After 3/31 the price goes up to $325.00

STEP 2:  There are three (3) ways to pay:

1. By Check – Make check payable to Constitution Party National Committee and mail the check with the registration form to:

PO Box 1782
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17608

2. By Phone – Call Brenda Miller at our national office between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm(Eastern) to give her your personal credit card information.  Her phone number is or .

3. By Fax – Send your registration form by fax with your credit card information filled in, or fax the form and then call Brenda to give her your credit card information.  The fax number is .

Deadline is March 15th – hotel states no extensions will be given. 
The hotel has requested that you make your reservation online via this link:  Room Reservations.  You may call the hotel if you like, but make sure to give them the code “TCP” to get the Constitution Party room rate.

Hilton Salt Lake City Center Hotel
255 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Single King Bed (1 or 2 people) – $139
Double Queen Beds (1 or 2 people) – $139
Double Queen Beds (3 people) – $154
Double Queen Beds (4 people) – $169

I am the convention coordinator, and I and other volunteers are working diligently to ensure that things run smoothly and that you have a wonderful time!  If you have any questions, problems or concerns, please email me at .  I will respond quickly.

For the Cause!

Joan Castle

2 responses to “Constitution Party National Convention Information

  1. Alaska will be represented! Should be an exciting and dynamic convention. This will mark a turning point for the CP.


  2. Want everyone to know that Patrick Anthony Ockander is running for POTUSA with the Constitution Party, and that you can get a free E-copy of my book by visiting my website (where you can view my platform) God Bless America.


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