The Real News: Days of Revolt, The Problem

Jill Stein

(The following was originally published in The Real News.)

HEDGES: Hi, I’m Chris Hedges. Welcome to Days of Revolt. We’re going to explore in this segment the political landscape, especially the current presidential campaign, and what impediments are thrown up by the two major parties, and in particular the Democratic party, that essentially keep the system hostage to corporate power. In the second segment, we’re going to explore the solution.And to discuss these two issues with me is the Green presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. Thank you,

Jill.STEIN: Great to be here,

Chris.HEDGES: So let’s begin with the nature of what some have called the dark state. How it operates, how it works. Because every facet, whether it’s electoral politics, whether it’s legislation, whether it’s the courts, whether it’s the mass media, has been completely seized by corporate power. And in many ways, a chief executive like Obama is beholden to those interests, has very little influence on them. How do you look at the American political system?

STEIN: It is extremely corrupt. It serves the interests of oligarchy. It puts people, planet, and peace, it subjugates those critical things to profit. We have a political system which is funded and therefore accountable to predatory banks and fossil fuel giants and war profiteers. And those are the interests it serves, those are the policies it creates, and it has, you know, it’s sort of like an amoeba that oozes its way into all aspects of the system. In the words of Chief Justice Louis Brandeis a century ago, you can either have a democracy or you can have vast concentrations of wealth. You can’t have both. And we have a system, whether you call it corporate capitalism or corporatism or just plain greed, whatever you call it we have a system that systematically puts profit over everything else. And it continues to spiral out of balance in a way that now puts us all in the target hairs.

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