Constitution Party chairman Frank Fluckiger gives update on the CP’s ballot access

Frank Fluckiger

From J.R. Myers at IPR

February 18, 2016

Dear Fellow Constitution Party Members:

Thanks to the support of those states that have paid their $1,000.00 annual assessments, we have been able to make significant progress in achieving ballot access for the 2016 presidential election.

In 2014, we succeeded in getting on the ballot in West Virginia, Wisconsin, Alaska, and in two counties in Alabama. We then ran candidates for office in each of those states and garnered enough votes in Wisconsin and in one county in Alabama to retain ballot access there. We fell short in Alaska and West Virginia, but last year we succeeded in re-qualifying in Alaska and this year are very close to re-qualifying in West Virginia.

We currently have ballot access in the following states for 2016: Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, Alaska, and Utah.

Last year, in addition to regaining ballot access in Alaska, we also gained ballot access in Arkansas. We should complete our ballot access drive this week in Hawaii. None of these states were on the ballot in 2012. One of our party members opened his home up to provide lodging for the petitioner, thereby making it possible for the party to afford to send someone to that state.

We are also nearing completion of our ballot access drives in West Virginia and South Dakota. The latter state needs 6,936 valid signatures, and, at present, they have gathered just over 7,400. Our goal is to reach the 10,000 signature mark by the deadline of March 29th. Other states we hope to target as quickly as funds are available are New Jersey, Ohio, Iowa, North Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and, hopefully, Nebraska and New York.

Being able to achieve these goals is largely dependent upon the states paying their annual assessments. In particular, we rely on support from those states that already have ballot access. Currently, five states have paid fully the $1,000.00 annual state assessment and three states have paid some portion of their assessment. We are grateful to the leadership of those states and readily acknowledge the sacrifice that is being made.

We encourage the leaders in states not ballot qualified to help with the preliminary work necessary to qualify their states. The Secretary of State’s office will guide you in the requirements and provide you with the necessary forms for attaining ballot access in your state. It is critical that all this be done in advance so that when funds do become available, we can begin the ballot petition process immediately. We simply do not have the manpower for the national party to lay the background work that is needed.

The purpose of this update is to encourage our state leaders to do all they can to remit to the national party their state assessments as quickly as possible. We ask that you forward this information on to your leaders and party members in your states. Have them earmark the donations for your state assessment and have them remit their donations to the national party at Constitution Party, P. O. Box 1782, Lancaster, PA 17608.

We ask that your members remit whatever amount they can now, but, even more critical is the need for regular monthly donations in the amount of $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00 or $100.00 where that is possible. Some are already doing this.

Donations have also been received that are earmarked solely for ballot access. Thus far this year, North Carolina leads in such monthly donations. Other states from which significant donations for ballot access have been received are Florida, Montana, Oregon, Missouri, Texas and Utah. We are grateful for such donations.

Time is of the essence. The sooner we are able to raise the funds to begin the ballot petitioning process, the more reasonable the cost will be.

Again, I ask that you do all you can to help get your state assessments paid as soon as possible


Frank Fluckiger

National Chairman

Constitution Party

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