Jill Stein discusses “extremely corrupt” political system with Chris Hedges

From Green Party Watch, February 17th: 

Chris Hedges interviewed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein for his teleSUR program Days of Revolt, with the first half of the two-part interview now available. Hedges said that in the first part, “we’re going to diagnose the political landscape, how it works, what impediments are there. And in the second part we’re going to present what we hope is a prognosis, a response, to the political reality that we face.”

Stein said of the current American political system, “It is extremely corrupt. It serves the interests of oligarchy. It puts people, planet, and peace — it subjugates those critical things to profit. We have a political system which is funded and therefore accountable to predatory banks and fossil fuel giants and war profiteers. … In the words of Chief Justice Louis Brandeis a century ago, you can either have a democracy or you can have vast concentrations of wealth. You can’t have both.”

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